Aiyé - Sustainable Streetwear I Sustainability

What you wear matters

The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world causing tremendous harm to our planet and its inhabitants. Our vision is to make aesthetic and functional streetwear with the least impact on our environment. We aim to use sustainable and/or recycled materials as much as possible and thereby reduce the ecological footprint of our brand.

Aiyé - Sustainable Streetwear I Why we use Organic Cotton

Why organic cotton

Producing ethically

We are committed to create premium products that are manufactured sustainably and ethically. All our fabrics are evaluated according to GOTS social criteria. This means assessing everything from the chemical inputs being used to the ethical treatment of workers, making sure employment is freely chosen and no child labour shall be used. 

It's our mission to ensure our products contribute to the well-being of people and planet and our efforts put us on track towards positive change in fashion.