Aiyé - sustainable streetwear I About Us

Aiyé Loja, Orun Ilé

The world is a marketplace. The other world, Heaven, is home".

Inspired by this Yoruba saying, our name Aiyé connects us back to our ancestry and roots. “Aiyé” is where we exchange ideas and knowledge which, eventually, we will bring back home, to Heaven. This vision of interconnectedness perfectly ascribes the drive behind our brand. Designing streetwear that embraces all cultures and is made ethically and sustainably.

“African arts & cultures are often overlooked or ignored. I wish to show how rich and inspiring they are.”

Born in Benin and raised in Paris, Aiyé co-founder and graphic designer/artist Mario Hounkanrin dedicates his work to address the need for more representation of diverse people and cultures in the visual arts. With Aiyé he brings this mission to a new platform.

"Capoeira has brought me many richnesses in life and now it brought me on another journey once again."

Aiyé co-founder and Capoeira teacher Igor Alves Fernandes moved from Rio de Janeiro to Amsterdam at the age of 27. Taking with him his aspirations and dreams to share the rich culture of his home country, Aiyé combines his love for sports/streetwear and his Afro-Brazilian heritage.